Eating Disorders

Is your child or teen is experiencing any of the following?
They appear to have difficulty loving and accepting their body.
They are too rigid with their eating habits.
They are in an unhealthy cycle with food.
They are stuck in the binge and purge cycle.
They have a fear of food, or have strict rules regarding food.
They are using food as a coping mechanism.
They are restricting food or using restriction as a form of self-punishment.

If you answered yes to any of these statements, your child may be struggling with disordered eating.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals are seeing an increase in eating disorder symptoms within the child and adolescent population. And it makes sense; There are several risks and barriers to care that have impacted eating disorders due to the pandemic including: increased media exposure, disruption to daily activities, social isolation, fear of illnesses, lower levels of social support, decreased regulation, feeling out of control, and less access to treatment and care to name a few. Isolation can be extremely detrimental to our mental health which is why getting your child the help they need is so important.

In a society that is constantly infiltrating our children’s lives with messages of expectation regarding their bodies, it’s no wonder that so many of our loved ones struggle with eating disorders; but let’s fight back against these detrimental false narratives. There is hope for your child to have a healthy relationship with food and we are here to help.At CAC Denver we offer a safe non-judgement environment for our clients to gain insight and coping skills to develop self-love and a healthy relationship with food. We also value in supporting and educating parents in how to help their child or teen during this process.

If you are interested in getting your child help for their eating disorder, contact Denver CAC today and as for Annie, our eating disorder specialist.